World Hepatitis Day 2019

SIDCN celebrated the 2019 World hepatitis day with billboard campaign around Saskatoon from July 22 – 28, 2019, as well as by collaborating with AIDS Saskatoon on their annual WHD BBQ.

Billboard Campaign

The billboards displayed the following two messages in rotation.


Please note that the website link that was displayed on the billboard ads no longer exists, however the information on that page is bellow.

What is Hepatitis C (Hep c)?

Hepatitis is a liver disease caused by the hepatitis C virus that attacks the liver. If not treated hep c can cause liver cirrhosis (liver damage), liver failure, or liver cancer.

Find out more at and at

How do you get Hep C?

You have a high risk of getting hepatitis C if you:

  • you were born between 1945 – 1975
  • use or have used injection drugs (even just once)
  • have received blood or blood products or an organ transplant before July 1990 in Canada 
  • have been in jail; or 
  • have been injected or scratched during vaccination, surgery, blood transfusion or a religious/ceremonial ritual in regions where hepatitis C is common.

Where to get testing and treatment

Positive Living Program (2 locations in Saskatoon)

Royal University Hospital Location Phone: (306)655-1783
Westside Community Clinic Location Phone: (306) 664-4310

Hep C Referral Form (Physician and Self-Referrals Accepted)

Sexual Health Clinic (Public Health)

Phone: (306) 655-4642

Saskatchewan Infectious Disease Care Network (SIDCN)

Phone: (306) 952-4088
Fax: (306) 952-4089

Eliminate Hepatitis

Family Doctors

A family doctor can send you for testing and refer you to a specialist for treatment.

Cost of Treatment

Everyone with Hep C is eligible for treatment under the provincial (for residents of Saskatchewan), or federal Health Plan (for registered First Nations and recognized Inuit people). There’s no cost to the patient.

Non residents and/or non-Canadians without residency permit may need to access other federal programs, or will need a private health insurance to cover the cost of their treatment.

For more info visit:

Find The Missing Millions


601 World Hepatitis Day BBQ 

Thank you to AIDS Saskatoon for working so hard each year to bring together community members and community organizations at their annual WHD BBQ.

Hep C antibody testing and non-invasive liver fibroscan were offered.  We also provided “Find The Mission Millions” t-shirts and

draw string bags with the image below printed on them

World Hepatitis Day